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It is my goal to share our family’s personal journey as a testimony of faithfulness, grace and forgiveness through life most difficult days. To our family in a matter of seconds our lives were forever changed as the results of others choices & actions. We learned firsthand about child abuse (Shaken Baby Syndrome) and death caused by an alcohol related crash.

Since 1999, I have shared our story in Public Schools, Target Clubs, Heath Classes, (FCCLA) Family, Career and Community Leader Groups, (SADD) Student Against Destructive Decisions, Private Schools, Treatment Centers, Church Youth Groups, 4-H Clubs, Daycare Providers Training and Mothers Against Drunk Drivers Impact Panels, Women's Retreats.

It is my desire & hope that by sharing my families story I may help prevent other families from ever having to going thru such difficult and tragic events. I feel very strong about encouraging students and adults regarding the affects of alcohol and the choices we make each day.

• Encourage students to be a good friend... a truly good friend.

• Challenge them to make their lives count for make a difference…

• To be a positive influence on their peers...

• To think and care and be brave, to strive for excellence instead of acceptance.

I want to Thank You for taking time to visit my website be sure to read our full story listed in 'our story'.

"Making An Impact!"



Helen Peterson

Loyola Catholic School

I highly recommend Renae!

I teach moral decision-making to our junior class. For the last two years I have invited Renae Groskreutz to speak to my students about her experiences. The students find her to be spellbinding as she delivers a powerful message about the choices we make and their impact on others.

Renae is a gifted speaker with a dynamic delivery. The unfortunate tragedies that have happened in her life are valuable for all to learn from. Sometimes we hear about drunk driving, but rarely as tightly woven a story as she shares. Shaken Baby Syndrome is an important topic, which is rarely spoken about. People need to hear about the effects of it.

Although her talk brings tears to many eyes, her grace and goodness shine through and she is such an inspiration. Renae is a devoted mom, a strong and loving wife, and a hard working and generous person. The many lessons learned from Renae linger long after she has shared her story. I highly recommend Renae!


James Backstrom - Dakota County Attorney

Renae, I had the opportunity to hear you speak at the Rosemount High School mock car crash last week and I just wanted you to know that you were simply outstanding. Your message was powerful and your ability to connect with the students (and adults) was tremendous. I know it can't be easy to frequently relive the pain of your family's tragic story, but you have a special gift in storytelling the likes of which I have not seen often and I commend you for sharing it under these difficult circumstances. I know that your story has a big impact on the students who hear it - it had a big impact on me which I have already shared with several people this past week. Thank you for sharing your family's story in hopes of reducing drunk and impaired driving in our state and nation. You made a big difference!